#IJSRD focus Ionospheric Study using Image Processing of All-Sky Imager

As India is growing on the Geo Informatics domain IJSRD has received an article entitled “Ionospheric Study using Image Processing of All-Sky Imager” 

Schematic of the all-sky imager
Schematic of theall-sky imager
Authors Rohit Patil, S. B. Patil from D.Y.Patil COE,Kolhapur R. N. Ghodpage, M.F. Radar from Indian Institute of Geomagnetism, India has made use of Image processing for studying the Ionospheric Activities. This article submitted to IJSRD authors tells that.....
 "The study of ionosphere which plays the main role in HF transmission. The equatorial ionospheric plasma bubbles that occur at the low-latitude F-region of the ionosphere and the irregularities associated with them are responsible for everal interference and sudden disruption of transionospheric radio propagation up to Giga Hertz frequency range, interfering with the communication systems, including the GPS. A CCD-based all-sky imager with 180° field-of-view is used to take photographs of all sky on clear, moonless nights, to study the F-region dynamics through the imaging with optical filter OI 630.0 nm oxygen emission line."

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