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Paper Title: A Framework for Performance Analysis of Computing Clouds

Author Name: Mintu M. Ladani, Vinit kumar Gupta

College Name : Hasmukh Goswami College of Engineering,Vahelal

Abstract -- Cloud Computing provides data storage capacity and use of Cloud Computing have increased scalability, availability, security and simplicity. As more use of cloud computing environments increases, it is more difficult to deal with the performance of this environments. We have presented Some virtualization and network related communication issues and finally we have designed and implemented modified load balancing algorithm for performance increase. In market use of cloud many issues occurred like as security, privacy, reliability, legal issues, open standard, compliance. so, we have stated to solve these issues such algorithm to assess increase performance of computing clouds. Secondly, i.e. ‘Modified Weighted Active Monitoring Load Balancing Algorithm’ on cloud, for the balancer on Cloud Controller to effectively balance load requests between the available Node Controller, in order to achieve better performance parameters such as load on server and current performance on the server. By Existing Algorithm like in RRA (Round Robin Algorithm) load balance sequentially, we have designed this proposed algorithm on cloud and how to balance load randomly and display by existing algorithm and proposed algorithm comparison. 

For More Information About this paper visit http://www.ijsrd.com/Article.php?manuscript=IJSRDV1I4008


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